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Entry-Level Driver Training Near me

Despite the many benefits of taking Entry-level Driver Training online (ELDT online or ELDT theory test), many people still wonder if it’s really possible to find entry-level driver training nearby. Online entry-level driver training became widespread during the recent covid restrictions and continues to be in high demand today. The difference and the main advantage, compared to the in-person form of education, is the convenience and possibility of planning your own study schedule.

What is eldt training?

The ELDT Theory Curriculum is the first step in obtaining a CDL and must be completed before taking the behind-the-wheel (BTW) training, and it should be completed before taking the CDL learner’s permit exam. To complete your Entry-level Driver Training, you must take a number of courses. This training teaches new drivers the knowledge they need to drive a commercial vehicle safely

This article presents an overview of available entry-level driver training online courses and their prices.

How to Choose the Best Online ELDT Training Course?

For the request "entry-level training", Google returns several dozen results that differ only in the quality of the content and prices, but the main idea remains the same - remote self-learning.

In general, the ELDT theory curriculum is about 30-35 online lessons with tests at the end. Usually, ELDT training materials are divided into modules, such as Basic Operation, Safe Operating, Advanced Operating, Vehicle Systems & Maintenance, and Non-Driving Activities (for example, Documenting Cargo, Transponders, hours and medical requirements, planning, etc.).

Some companies separate CDL Class A and CDL Class B theory courses, Upgrade, although the courses are almost the same and are purely a price diversification of the product. The only thing that needs additional study is if you plan to get endorsements (Passenger, School Bus, or Hazmat). All courses contain basic concepts and features of transportation of these "special" categories, as these are FMCSA requirements. However, in order to receive endorsements, you will need to complete an additional course for the selected specifics.

About ELDT tests. What to pay attention to?

During the research, we encountered the fact that some developers deliberately simplify the tests in order to increase the demand for their courses. Therefore, when choosing, make sure that the courses you choose meet FMCSA requirements and are similar in difficulty to the tests you will need to pass to obtain CDL endorsements.

Some states allow driving schools to test their own students, “in-house” so to say. If this is the case in your state, then after receiving your entry-level driver training certificate you will be able to begin behind-the-wheel training right away. For example, California and Colorado are quite liberal in this respect; however, in Washington, schools do not have a right to independently test their own students and must send students to be tested by certified examiners which increases the learning standards for the students.

From a theoretical point of view, such topics as Pre- and Post-Trip Inspections are the most difficult. For example, one of the schools analyzed by us in the state of Washington is New Sound Trucking School LLC The school has a high conditional rate, meaning they have a high volume of graduated students. On our request, they determine the failure rate of students only in this area of testing at the level of 30-35%. For comparison, the specific weight of failures according to the Backing Maneuvers standard is on average 10-15%, and according to the City Driving standard - 35-40%. Moreover, a student needs practical skills and a sufficient volume of behind-the-wheel training hours to obtain certification according to Backing Maneuvers and City Driving standards, although for Pre- and Post-Trip Inspections all that is needed is a high-quality assimilation of theoretical material for 90 % and only 10% - practical skills.

New Sound Trucking School LLC uses BoltCDL software, which allows to analyze the number of tests conducted by both instructors and external examiners, track their success and failure rate, etc. We have compared the obtained results with the results of our other clients in the state of Washington and can state that the obtained data are representative and reflect the average rate of failures in the state in terms of the specified standards.

Entry-Level Training Costs

Regarding the prices of entry-level driving training materials, it is worth noting here that there are conditionally free courses or paid ones. There are no completely free courses. Entry-level driver training developers have to keep up with changes and update their own software to comply with FMCSA requirements, keep students’ data safe, provide access to training materials, etc. So, the last thing you want to do is to choose free or too cheap (comparatively with market price) courses, as they are most likely to be of poor quality, out of date, or won't get you any entry-level driver training Certificate and will be a waste of your time. On the other hand, a high price does not guarantee the quality or safety of your data.

So, how to choose an ELDT course? The solution, as always, is the market price and a well-known certified developer. In this case, being well-known does not mean being advertised. The best option is a free trial course - this is an option in which the student gets access to limited functionality, has the opportunity to familiarize himself with ELDT training materials, or receives temporary access, and only then the developer offers to purchase the product at an acceptable price. The convenience of payment and guarantees of its security also play an important role, since you are paying for online ELDT training is logically also done online.

So, the analysis of price offers for entry-level training online showed that on average you will have to spend about $60 for the CDL Class A or CDL Class B theory course. The course will be certified and will contain training materials according to FMCSA requirements, the Upgrade course can be found for $35. Usually, courses on endorsements (Passenger, School Bus, or Hazmat) cost extra for the course and the price varies depending on the course occupancy starting at $25. The lowest real price for ELDT online as of 2022 that we could find is $25 for any course, and the maximum is $400, many of the offers range from $100-150. The main player in the market, JJ Keller, averages the rate at $75, as of 2022. Why "on average"? Because the company works mainly with driving schools, the student buys the course not from the developer, but from the school, where the tariff depends on the number of students at the school, etc.

ELDT Cost Forecast for 2023

ELDT training online is a component of the Driving Schools services market. And therefore, the demand for online courses depends on the demand for the services of driving schools in general. The analytical company "Research and Markets" determined the volume of the industry in the amount of $1 billion, about 2,466 companies are involved in the industry (driving schools). On average, one driving school is able to prepare and graduate about 100-150 students annually. That is, every year the industry produces about 300,000 new driver specialists. "Research and Markets" also notes that over the past 3 years the industry has grown by 1.8% per year (taking into account the average annual inflation rate of 4.7%). That is, the increase occurred even during the covid pandemic years.

In our opinion, the demand for freight transportation will not decrease in 2023, and therefore the demand for the truck driver profession will remain constant. Even with the recent increase in fuel prices. The reason is that trucking remains the primary form of domestic movement of goods in the United States.

In 2022, FMCSA issued new requirements that necessitated a software update, causing prices to rise at the beginning of 2022, but at the end of the year, prices had returned to market averages. Changes are also planned for 2023, but in our opinion, this will not affect the price rising, as changes will not be as basic as in 2022.

Training Courses with BOLT ELDT Online

BOLT now offers ELDT Theory training online for CDL students. Our entry-level driver training theory courses are available online from BOLT and approved by FMCSA Training Provider Registry (TPR), BOLT ELDT covers all 30+ curriculum areas that are required for the theory portion of the ELDT mandate and also offers free and convenient ELDT theory test questions and answers.

First of all, with the new federal regulations, entry-level driver training is required for all new commercial drivers in the United States. As mentioned above, online ELDT theory training is beneficial because it allows new drivers to study at their own pace and from the comfort of their homes. Here are the details about the ELDT theory course, and how you can get started with it. BOLT entry-level driver training is conditionally free, we provide an opportunity to familiarize you with ELDT training materials. Test access is provided for a period of 3 days and allows the student to review up to 5% of the educational content and decide whether the student needs this course or not. Based on the average market prices, we set the price of our courses at the level of $50.

Modern design, logical structuring of educational material, interactive tests at the end - this is what is included in this price. In addition, for a period of 30 calendar days, you get access to your personal account, where all statistics on your studies, progress, and the last watched video lessons will be collected. The payment system integrated into your personal account is secure and easy to use.

In addition, we guarantee the preservation of your data and the data of your educational progress for 5 years. Also, we offer integration with the Bolt Driver-Connect system, where your data will, at your request, be presented to potential employers who can offer you employment after you complete the training process. At your request, we can offer you truck driving schools from among our clients.

More detailed information about course availability is available on our website at the link Here you can register or log in to your personal account if you are already registered. Direct link to the account here From a personal profile, the student has the opportunity to get to the Training Center, where the main statistics of training are presented and the progress is visualized.

You will have the opportunity not only to quickly and conveniently access and navigate through video lessons, but also to identify your strengths and weaknesses, based on the state of passing the tests.

We recommend that the ELDT theory training be done prior to taking the CDL learner’s permit exam, as it will prepare you for the exam and save you time by not having to study the commercial driver’s manual before taking the permit test. Online theory training also means that you will come on-campus already prepared to handle the behind-the-wheel instruction. Therefore, you will need less time with instructors.

Taking the ELDT theory training online has many advantages, such as completing the training on your own schedule any time day or night, working on it from home on your laptop or on-the-go from your smartphone, and being able to learn at your own pace and review lessons as necessary.

The ELDT theory training is separate from the BTW training, so you can take our Online ELDT Course now from home, and then go to a local FMCSA-approved training provider for the behind-the-wheel training. You can check out our BOLT Entry-level Driver Training Course here.

BOLT ELDT is Different

BOLT Entry-Level Driver Training, is the modern way to train. Ready to start your ELDT Training? Start your course today!

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