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What is BOLT Software?

BOLT School Management Software is a complete software solution for truck driving schools. Our company works with truck driving schools in USA and Canada, providing a complete web-based software that was developed by certified CDL instructors to run your entire school and student lifecycle from one location while staying in compliance with federal and state regulations. From our online student registration process to BOLT Entry-Level Driver Training, we streamline all your student, instructor, and financial management needs.

History of BOLT Software Development

BOLT School Management Software started out as project for a local truck driving school in Tacoma, Washington. The first version of the software was developed considering all the features of the school's operating cycle. They started implementing the software in 2019, and throughout development process other modules and functions were added like class and testing schedules, student appointment scheduling, student database, file exports for audits, student file management, and many more features to automate the administrative work. Thus, we can say that BOLT is a software that has passed practical testing. The beta version of BOLT School Management Software facilitated the training process of approximately 1 thousand students.

The initial software proved itself well and satisfied the requirements for the specific school for which it was created. With the initial program being successfully completed, we started thinking about optimizing and scaling the software to make it available to other schools. With our initial program, we discovered several issues which needed to be optimized, this was developing a control system for the operational processes as there were some instructors who under-performed their duties, but the scoring system was not designed to control this as it had been simplified for easier use when interacting with students.

BOLT School Management Software underwent further developmental changes for make it faster, more complex, and more user friendly. We also added many useful features and integrated the software with the FMCSA TPR system to easily submit student graduation documents.

We have always understood that BOLT School Management Software was not a set of separate modules, but a complete product with the main purpose of simplifying and automating the operating processes of commercial truck driving schools. The decision to optimize the program brought the understanding that if we are going to make drastic changes, it was necessary to put all currently available modules in a single system, to ensure their adaptability, cross-platform use, and optimal communicability.

At the beginning of 2022, we gave BOLT School Management Software a completely new design, more user -friendly functionality, and added several features, such as payment processing to accept online student payments with a direct integration to our accounting system. In addition, we integrated the software with the FMCSA TPR system to easily submit student graduation documents, added a feature for uploading and storing student documents, as well as increased the functions of the skill test feature, and improved the analytics.

That's how BOLT School Management Software started, to where it is now.

BOLT Today

BOLT is an innovative software solution developed for truck driving school management that simplifies your workflow and provides automation of the entire student learning process from the moment of enrollment to graduation. In the world of constant change, we understand our client’s need for reliability, performance, storage, and accessibility which is why we provide a personal server for data storage to every client. Some of our competitors use one server for storage of student data and another to process requests, which we have found to significantly decrease speed and performance. We initially built our system according to the rule of “One Server- One School”.

Currently BOLT School Management Software offers some of the following features:

We understand that being in the service industry is dynamic and constantly evolving, which requires staying compliant with the frequent changes of FMCSA and state regulations that may differ from state to state. BOLT School Management Software was not built to be an average system, but to work with and adapt to the peculiarities of every school. BOLT offers Design and Marketing services. Want a logo for your school– BOLT Design? Want to grow your business together- BOLT Marketing? Want to offer your students Job Placement services- BOLT Connect? Do you want to take your school to next level? You are exactly where you need to be- BOLT.

To request for a detailed demo of our software, fill out our request form and our manager will contact you to schedule a time for a complete presentation of the BOLT School Management Software. An overview of the main features can also be found on our YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaY_IYXh7Z9NSLAh7e_zddg You can also leave a request to create a Demo Account and try out everything that BOLT has to offer for yourself.

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