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ELDT Connect About Us FAQ Get CDL CLP Blog Demo Enroll

Software for driving schools. Marketing and management platform

We are producing software for driving schools. Driving school software is a specific kind of software, targeted at students, schools, and instructors interaction. There is a lot of various CDL software, however, exclusively in our software, you will find tools for each stage of a student's training. Our goal is to automate and simplify the learning process for everyone, both for the student and for the driving school. Visual analytics make it possible to analyze the performance of your school, optimize costs and increase the profitability of your business. BOLT is an innovative software service provider dedicated to serving the commercial truck driving school industry. It is a complete web-based software that was developed by certified CDL instructors to run your entire school and student lifecycle from one location while staying in compliance with federal and state regulations. In a world of constant accelerating change, we move forward faster.

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The Best Solution to attract new students to your CDL School

Developed by industry professionals for truck driving schools

Finally, a complete software solution was developed for truck driving schools to bring more students and manage them from one place. Bolt School Management Software was built to integrate marketing and student management to give you all the tools you need to grow. That's right, we combined the best marketing strategies and data management solutions from the most successful CDL schools in the US into one platform to help you scale and manage your school easily. We offer the best experience of the top CDL schools, instructors, managers, and owners, gathered over the past 7 years, well developed and packed for you in one app. In addition, our software is fully compliant with FMCSA and state regulations.

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What is BOLT

Flexible and Powerful Features to Automate Your School. We are doing CDL soft

Cloud-Based CDL Soft

School Management Software

Online Student Registration

FMCSA Entry Level Driver Training Center

Job Placement Assistance

State Tester & FMCSA TPR Integration

Take Your Truck Driving School to the Next-Level

Features that you will love

With Bolt, you will run your truck driving school more efficiently. Our CDL school-based software was designed by CDL Instructors to run your entire school from one platform. No more filling, paper documents, or spreadsheets.

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  • Mobile-friendly enrollment process.
  • Credit Card Processing.
  • Online enrollment forms with direct website integration. Data is automatically saved into your database.
  • No manual entry.
  • Registration confirmation was sent via email.
  • School application and enrollment agreement included.
  • School branding and customization are completely free.
  • Access information 24/7 from any place anytime.
  • Cloud file storing.


  • Maintain all student information in your database, perform educational management. Record student OTR drive time and skill evaluations.
  • Track student purchases, enrollments, refunds, and balances. Quickly find students with open balances. Bolt is a school management system. We offer management solutions, f. e. the educational organization includes online courses and tests, and your managers are able to see students' progress right away.
  • Print student certificates and other state-specific requirements.
  • View and manage class sessions and driving hours.
  • Print class rosters and record class attendance.
  • Print student completion certificates with a click.


  • Both class theory instructors and BTW instructors have access to their schedules and student information from their cell phones.
  • Instructors can evaluate yard skills, on-road driving evaluations, and pre-trip and post-trip inspections.
  • Classroom Management.
  • Current student attendance sheet.
  • BTW Tracking.
  • Pre-Trip Inspection assessment and evaluation.
  • Backing assessment and evaluation.


  • Student Portal Login. Student information system.
  • They can have the ability to do whatever you want them to do within their account; from student registration to payments, document upload, and access to educational material and resources. It's all there, available at any time.
  • Student tracking for ELDT.

Student Skill Tracking

  • The skill tracking module will enable you to set up your own program and which skills are being tracked.
  • Instructors can then evaluate yard skills, on-road driving evaluations, and pre-trip and post-trip inspections.

Appointment Scheduling

  • With our easy and flexible scheduler, you can easily manage all classroom sessions, yard training, and on-road BTW driving lessons.
  • Custom student self-scheduling.
  • Reduce up to 80% of phone calls.
  • Set custom student self-scheduling rules in real-time.

Attendance Tracking

  • Track student attendance using our QR Code badges. Our software will generate a badge upon enrollment and then track the number of hours and even send out automatic notifications if a student is absent.
  • Students can view the total training hours from their student account at any time.

Billing and Financial portal

  • Our accounting module has a complete financial, point-of-sale (POS) tracking module, and you can export any type of financial information and import it into your accounting software.
  • Keep accurate records of all student payments, refunds, and credits.
  • Quickly find students with open balances.
  • Includes various reports (sales, payments, outstanding accounts, marketing, etc.
  • Student Payments.

Auto Message Notifications

  • Automated email and text message notifications are sent to students to remind them of their upcoming classes, on-road, or yard skills sessions.

Digital Online Signatures

  • BOLT software will help you completely digitize the entire student training experience. From the moment they become your student and sign an enrollment agreement, to training signatures and acknowledgments. Electronic signatures and document uploads make student information easier to track, audit, and manage in your database.
  • Students can complete the entire enrollment process and provide needed signatures online from their phone or laptop.
  • Get needed documents signed without having to chase down students.

BOLT Driver Connect

  • BOLT Driver Connect is meant to connect the gap between new student drivers and employers, so both applicants and recruiters gain more control over the employment process.
  • This will enable companies to find the ideal candidates for their positions while connecting drivers with employers based on their skills and job preferences.
  • Offer your students Job Placement Assistance as a bonus feature with our software.
  • Students fill out job preferences during the enrollment process and are able to match their skills to hundreds of job opportunities.
  • Students receive job placement assistance and get the job of their dreams upon graduation.

Commercial Learner Permit

  • BOLT has created a comprehensive practice test that can help your students review and study for their CLP General Knowledge, Air Brake, and Combination tests.
  • This practice test is included as part of our comprehensive software.
  • Over 800 practice questions.
  • The questions are based on DMV permit/driver's license official test questions.
  • All of our practice tests not only randomize the questions, but we also randomize the answers for these practice tests as well.
  • Unlimited attempts for each student.

BOLT Driver Connect

Connecting Drivers and carriers

Bolt Driver Connect is a platform that links trucking companies with commercial drivers wanting to save time and find the best employment opportunities available. Whether you are a new CDL holder, experienced driver, or owner-operator this platform will help you simplify the job search process and get you on the road to making top wages in the transportation industry.

With the truck driver shortage in North America, trucking companies are struggling to fill tens of thousands of seats.

Drivers, enter your job preferences to have future employers come to you directly!

Driver DQ files

Entry-level driver training for CDL schools

BOLT provides your CDL school with quality, cost-effective Entry Level Driver Training that's FMCSA-approved, an interactive experience for students, and an innovative software solution to manage your student data.

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Entry-level driver training for CDL schools

Offering FMCSA-approved ELDT curriculum in 35+ key topics to help your school meet the new CDL requirements

Use BOLT Entry-Level Driver Training to satisfy the theory instruction portion of the new ELDT requirements that went into effect on February 7, 2022. These courses must be assigned and administered by a school listed on the FMCSA Training Provider Registry (TPR). In addition to completing the ELDT theory instruction, the school must also provide the driver-trainee "behind-the-wheel" instruction.

Entry-Level Driver Training (ELDT) rule is required for any individual who wants to
With Bolt you can: Obtain a Commercial Learning Permit

Obtain a Commercial Learning Permit

With Bolt you can: Obtain a Commercial Driver's License (CDL)

Obtain a Commercial Driver's License (CDL)

With Bolt you can: Upgrade Class B CDL to a Class A CDL

Upgrade Class B CDL to a Class A CDL

With Bolt you can: Obtain a Passenger, School bus, or Hazmat endorsement

Obtain a Passenger, School bus, or Hazmat endorsement

ELDT Training
Jumpstart your Entry Level Driver Training program by scheduling your BOLT Software demo today!

Entry-Level Driver Training Theory Courses

24/7 Access to Online Training

Our online ELDT courses work on any device that connects to the internet. Students can start a course on their tablet or smartphone and finish it later on a computer without losing their place. You get complete learning flexibility, we designed our course to allow you to learn at your own pace.

FMCSA's Training Provider Registry (TPR) Approved

Beginning February 7, 2022, passing the ELDT Theory course is made an official requirement for getting your CDL. Start your journey with our FMCSA approved course here!

Deliver Better Training for Less Money

Online training is less expensive than hiring an instructor for the same number of hours. Assign BOLT training courses as a prerequisite so your instructors can spend their valuable time on driving skills and student evaluation.

Industry Knowledge and Expertise

Our curriculum was designed by CDL schools and certified Instructors to teach you everything you need to fulfill (FMCSA's) Entry-Level Driver Training (ELDT) requirements.

Learn more about ELDT training cost

More about ELDT

No More Filling or Spreadsheets!

See how BOLT is helping schools of every size with

Access information 24/7 from any place anytime.
Control staff access and features through flexible user rights.
Save valuable time by automating the administrative work so you can focus your time on more important things.
Easy to use and navigate.
Guaranteed to save you significant money every year.

Everything You Need Just a Click Away

Bolt is the leading software service provider dedicated to serving the commercial and truck driving school industry. With Bolt School Management Software, schools can manage their entire student lifecycle. We streamline all your student, instructor, and financial management needs. Like class and testing schedules, student appointment scheduling, student database, file exports for audits, student file management, and many more features. In a world of constant accelerating change, we move forward faster.
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Let BOLT™ School Management Software do the work for you!

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About Bolt

Bolt School Management Software™ is all about operating your truck driving school more efficiently. BOLT was developed to automate and streamline our own CDL school processes as we could not find a complete software solution to meet our needs. Being certified CDL instructors and having extensive experience in the transportation industry, we developed this innovative software solution to simplify the administrative processes of Truck Driving Schools and to save you significant money every year!

Developed by truck driving school for truck driving schools

BOLT is a complete software solution developed for truck driving school management that simplifies your workflow. We have developed the latest technology so that trucking schools can operate at optimum while staying in compliance with federal, state, and local regulations.

Take Control of Your Business

Business management simplified so you can focus on important matters

Innovation control tools


Use technology to solve business problems.

Complete solution control

Complete Solution

Get organized and save time by streamlining all of your students' and instructors' management needs.

Income increase control


Our software solution is guaranteed to save you significant money each year.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is BOLT™ Trucking School Management Software? + -

BOLT™ Trucking School Management Software as a Service is a fully integrated web-based school administration system that manages the entire student life-cycle and supports the functions of all departments including Admissions, Registration, Attendance, Scheduling, Billing, and Accounting.

How can I register a new account? + -

BOLT is an innovative software service provider dedicated to serving the commercial truck driving school industry. It is a complete web-based software that was developed by certified CDL instructors to run your entire school and student lifecycle from one location while staying in compliance with federal and state regulations.

Do I need to install any software? + -

BOLT™ Trucking School Management Software is 100% web-based. You are able to access your account and data 24/7 from any computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Is this software customized for my trucking school? + -

BOLT™ Trucking School Management Software is completely customizable. If you need a certain module or to change a function, we can handle just about any request and in a very timely manner. There are many scheduling and customer management software services out there, but ours is specifically designed for commercial driving and trucking schools. No business is the same and we can custom and configure your software to meet your needs while keeping you compliant with all regulatory requirements.

How are student hours tracked? + -

Our Student Attendance Management Module reduces cost & errors by eliminating the need for manual time entry for student hours. Students will be generated a student identification badge with a QR code which they will use to clock in or out of class. You will see real-time data on who is attending or absent and review clock in/out time. This gives you the ability to respond to inquiries for attendance status and reduces employee time by 2-3 hours per week.

Can I track financial information? + -

FA Disbursement, SAP Progress, LOA Status, Demographics, Attendance, and Grades are just a few of the reports generated by BOLT™ Trucking School Management Software While forms like Enrollment Agreements and Packages, State Forms, and Applications are just a few clicks away. Our software is designed to completely track EVERYTHING. From finances, and billing to scheduling, documentation, and other ELD requirements.

Is my data secure? + -

Your data is secure using high-performance database technology in our Washington location. Our solutions allow you to reduce your information technology costs while enjoying system upgrades so that you can stay focused on improving student experiences.

Can you process credit cards? + -

You will have the option to connect your merchant account directly to BOLT ™ Trucking School Management Software and all payments will be routed to your merchant or bank account. We will automatically record all payments into each student's account. We are compatible with just about any major merchant account processor including Square, Stripe and Clover.

Can students sign or upload their documents, and is this stored in their account? + -

Students can sign all enrollment documents, securely upload any document or paperwork you require to complete their student files. All files are encrypted, stored, and automatically assigned to each student account and file.

Can students receive automatic notifications? + -

With our Student Management Module, students will receive automatic Text or Email messages. You can use multiple customized messages based on student status. We can auto send reminders for scheduled on-road training, issue attendance notifications, account balance reminders, or send instant campus emergency notifications. You will be able to customize content and when reminders go out. Students can even respond back to you via text messages.

Can we track new student leads? + -

We have a Lead Management Module which is fully customizable to fit the needs of your school and allows you to track the source and status of prospective students from lead generation through enrollment and admissions at a glance. You can generate leads directly from your website and follow up with them until you convert them into paying students.

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